About OneStopVA

Sophie Mason

I started my business in April 2017, after leaving my highly pressured job in London. I decided I didn’t enjoy spending every waking hour working for a business that I did not own, and the daily commute had started to take its toll. I wanted to start my own business and utilise my skill set to help others, where I could work the hours I wanted, from wherever I wanted. This turned out to be the best decision I ever made for my work-life balance… and also the 4 rescue dogs I was able to provide a forever home to!
My career prior to starting my freelance business included various Account Management roles, being the point of contact for many clients, including major publications such as The Times, The Guardian and The Economist, through to film studios such as Warner Bros, Disney and Universal. I managed office-based teams and virtual home-working teams, ensuring client expectations were met and projects delivered on time. The multitude of skills I picked up along the way have given me a solid foundation for the services I now offer my current clients.
I also work with a few wonderful Associate VAs, allowing me to expand upon the range of services I offer and also increases the amount of available hours for my clients. If your business grows, then I have the capacity to grow with you! This provides reassurance that there will always be someone trusted to help with the project you need.
In my spare time I like to read, take the dogs for a walk and cook delicious plant-based food. I’ve recently taken up crocheting and sewing, making all sorts of crafty things on the side which I really enjoy. I also like to travel down to France for a 3-4 week break each year with my partner and our dogs… and my work comes with me. I love that all I need is my laptop and an internet connection, and I really can work from anywhere!